Beach Day With Beebee

The things I do for content…

This was both for creating content as well as an excuse to bring Beebee with me to the beach. Not that I need an excuse, it’s just that going to the beach alone with a stuffed animal makes me look like a f**king lunatic. Even though I was “doing it for content,” I still looked like a f**king lunatic

Do I care? No. Did I do it anyways and take like 117 photos of Beebee enjoying the sun? Yes. Did we have a wonderful, perfect day? Yes.

I woke up bright and early at 7am so I would have a chance to get my lift in before hitting the beach. Obviously I needed a pump before going out in public. I figured that would be a given. On my way out of the house, I bumped into my grandfather who, upon seeing me in my gym attire, was very impressed that I was waking up first thing in the morning to workout. He asked me to flex for him. I then flexed for him. He was very impressed, and handed me a $20 bill saying “Go buy yourself a nice sandwich, it will make your muscles big.” SHOUTOUT GRANDPA JELLYLIFT! Bro really pulled through on that one.
I listened to his orders and bought myself a nice loaded footlong to take with me to the beach. But first… gym! Check out my killer back day workout if you want a wicked pump for YOUR next beach day.

I afterwards slipped into my beach attire, picked up a breakfast bagel from the coffee shop I work at (which happens to be outside my gym), then RAN BACK TO MY CAR TO GO BE WITH BEEBEE AGAIN!! Here she is, all cozied up in the beach bag just waiting to lay in the sun all day long:

Beebee in da beach bag

I was on my way to the beach around 9:30am, but it didn’t really get hot until about 12:00pm. Which I anticipated! I came prepared with a book I read ages ago that I remember being really good (it’s alright I guess, granted I was like 12 when I read it), my Nightmare Line crochet project, my sandwich, my headphones and a fully charged phone to give me tunes all day long. The best part about the beach I went to is that it’s not really a beach, but a lake. There’s no cell reception where it’s located, which means I got to really unplug for the time I was there. I was off the grid!

I spent my first couple hours there working on the Nightmare Line and reading my book and jamming out to some tunes. Since it was first thing in the morning on a weekday, it was damn near empty. It felt like I was on a private beach, which was super nice to soak up before it got real hot and people (ew) starting rolling in. Beebee made great company, simply hanging out in the sun and enjoying the view across the lake.

Beebee enjoying the lakeside view

Finding the perfect beach partner is tough. Sometimes they talk too much, sometimes they get cranky, sometimes they don’t want to swim when you want to swim, sometimes they want to swim when you don’t want to swim, sometimes they’re on a tight schedule when you want to lounge all day, but Beebee was the perfect companion. Super go-with-the-flow, no-fuss type personality. It’s probably because she’s an inanimate object.

We had a lovely time. At around 12:30 I had the first half of my sandwich!
I then went for a swim, and the day went as follows:

Peep Beebee eyeing my sammich…
  1. Swim
  2. Dry off
  3. Eat
  4. Read/crochet until I got sleepy
  5. Nap
  6. Wake up
  7. Repeat

Ideal day in my books! At around 4:30 I packed up to head out, barely realizing I had been there for almost 7 hours.

Me ‘n’ Beebs in the car heading home

My workplace is on the way back from the lake, so I made a quick pit-stop to grab a fun little drink to end off this absolutely perfect day. One of my coworkers happened to be going on break right as I got there, so we got to chat and have our little Iced Strawberry Matchas together before she went back into work. Now I know a strawberry matcha sounds ridiculous, and when she first introduced it to me it sounded terrible, but I swear on Beebee that it’s the most delicious sh*t I have ever had, and after my coworker put me on I got addicted.

I was headed back to my car and recalled that the toyshop across the street has a HUGE Jellycat selection, so I popped over to have a little look before heading home.

I didn’t buy anything, but it was a perfect way to end my adventures before calling it a day. I blasted some tunes on the drive back and made it home safe and sound.

Beebee riding shotgun on the way home

I often get friends who will clown on me for going to the beach alone. Even when I told my coworker that I had been there all day she was all “What?? You went alone?? What did you even do?” Which is the common response I get whenever I tell people I like going to the beach alone. Beaching alone is the best way to beach imo. You get to do whatever you want, stay as long as you like, relax and unwind… it can’t be beat!

But mind you, I wasn’t alone.

I had Beebee <3

Me and Beebee, post beach car vibes

She Amore on my Cat till I Black

Meet my new Jellycat: I call her Susan cause she look so Lazy

Every time I tell myself I’m going to take a break from spending so much money on Jellycats, I find reason to get another. Not that I ever necessarily need a reason, but somehow a new Jelly always makes it’s way into my arms sooner than anticipated.

But the Amore Cat Black? Boy, this lovely lady comes with quite a f**king story to tell.

I first spotted her at a bedding store in the mall. I thought she was absolutely lovely, but I had already purchased two Jellycats that day, so I didn’t take a close look. I later thought to check her out on the website, and I only fell more in love. I knew right away that my ass NEEDED an Amore Cat Black. I let the thought slip away, as finals week consumed me and the only thing on my brain was transformations of logarithm graphs, memorizing the symptoms of deficiency and toxicity of 30+ vitamins and minerals, and how the actual f**k I was going to remember the negative feedback loop of estrogen and progesterone production in the female reproductive system.

One day, as I was ignoring my studies, I was browsing Marketplace and stumbled upon this magical oasis of a listing.

AN AMORE CAT BLACK FOR $35!?!?!?!??!
Of course I had to immediately message the seller. After a painfully drawn out conversation, I discovered that this pretty thang was brand new from Christmas, and barely touched since it was purchased. The Amore Cat Black Lady (as I have been calling her) mentioned that her kids didn’t want it so that’s why she was selling it. After learning that this Amore Cat Black was living in a neglectful and unloving home, I realized it was meant to be. It was my destiny, my truth. It was MY responsibility to save her from this toxic environment, and give her a new home where she would be unconditionally loved and surrounded by many Jelly friends. We arranged to meet and she even offered it to me for $25, which was a f**king steal if I ever saw one.

And so after much anticipation, the day finally rolls around…

What an absolute disaster.

Long story short, click here.

After she stood me up, my day was absolutely ruined. I met with a friend for lunch and later with another to go shopping. While I enjoyed my time with my friends, there remained a sinking hole in my chest, carved out by the absence of an Amore Cat Black in my arms.

Do I dare buy a brand new one? They’re in stock at the bedding store in the mall and I’m here anyways…

…Was the only thing on my mind the entire time I was shopping. After parting ways with my friend, I paced back and forth in the mall. The lady at the bedding store expressed how there was only a total of 3 Amore Cat Black left across all of the stores, which was very enticing. I also recalled how the Amore Cat Black was retired, so if I didn’t get my hands on one, I might never ever forever and ever own one until I DIE. I simply could not let that be.

So I copped myself an Amore Cat Black.

Look at her. My precious lovely lazy little lady. She’s plump. She’s voluptuous. She’s handsomely show-stopping. She’s quite large for a ‘small’ Jellycat, and quite chubby too! Her lazy eyes are perfection and she’s velvety soft. God she’s so f**king perfect, f**k I love her so f**king much guys give her a f**king kiss RIGHT F**KING NOW!!!!

I decided to call her Susan, cause she look so Lazy. She has accompanied me in many endeavours over the past few days. She rode shotgun on the drive home, I’m currently editing this post with her in my arms, I took a short nap with her this afternoon… I even brought her with me to a friend’s place Friday night. F**k it! Susan at the function! She was a big hit. All the homies love Susan. I haven’t much else to say other than I love her dearly and you should to0.

And lastly, a gallery of images we took together <3

editing this post with Susan

Marry Me, Melissa <3

Melissa’s peer review for jellylift

melatonin gone missing: peer review #3

Everybody go read Melissa’s peer review for my site right f**king now.

She GETS it, you guys.

She GETS it.

Since day one I’ve been saying that at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a Jellycat wife. I NEED a Jellycat wife. Shawty gotta be my ride or die, my Lovely Lovebird other half, my one and only Jellycat-adoring soulmate.

So this is therefore a formal proposal to Melissa.

Melissa, would you do me the honour of being my Jellycat wife… and marry me?

April 4th Edit: (holy shit you guys check the comments she said yes)


You’re about to get your serotonin boost for the week. You’re welcome.

My Jellies with 2 special guests!

Hollllllllllllllllllld your horses. I know this is an incredibly exciting sight to see. So many jellies in the same place at once. I could practically open my own Jellystore!

While I must sadly admit that they are not all my own, I am proud and beyond ecstatic to have hosted a small Jellycat function with 2 amusable guests! The friend I adventured downtown with recently splurged on an Amusable Burger as they were in stock at the SFU Jellystore, so I had him over with both the sandwich and new burger buddy to have all the Jellies in the same place at the same time.

Look at them all lined up on the bedframe, smiling blankly without a care in the world! There isn’t a single thought behind any of those eyes. Beebee takes center stage, of course.

There is truly no point to this post other than ohmygodlookatallthejellies.

I’m starting to feel like a real Jellycat influencer <3

It’s All Downhill From Here

Follow along as I continue to fuel my spiraling Jellycat addiction with the purchase of a new Amusable.

Did you know that there’s a f**king Jellycat section on campus in the SFU bookstore? You did, didn’t you? And to think you didn’t tell me… it’s impossible to find loyalty anywhere these days.

Somebody please take the Jellycats away from me before I go bankrupt (please, do not at any costs, take the Jellycats away from me). Last Wednesday, March 1st, I stumbled my way into the SFU Bookstore with a friend, to discover an entire stand of Jellycat plushies, including the Amusable Orange, Fabulous Fruit Plum, and Pongo Orangutan. And one little fella who stole my heart: the Amusable Rainbow.

Everyone, meet the Amusable Rainbow (unnamed).

Me n my Rainbow

Wednesday afternoon, during a trip to the Jellystore (SFU edition), I had to make the second hardest decision of my life. After having just bought two new Jellies, the idea of dropping money on yet another didn’t seem rational or realistic. I will have years and years to buy Jellies, I don’t need to buy yet another after I just purchased two. It was such a tough choice. He was $5 cheaper in the store than online or at any other toy store, and easily the best priced Jellycat there. But it’s like they say, if you love something… let it go.

And so I did just that. After wandering the SFU Jellystore holding the Rainbow for almost 30 minutes, I finally put it back on the shelf, and decided that if it’s meant to be… it’ll be. It’s the only one left, and if this poor orphaned thing is meant to be mine, he will be.

I left it for Friday. I decided if it’s there on Friday, I’ll buy it.

So I left. In a testament of my character, I left the Rainbow alone at the Jellystore, to the quiet and lonely nights of a closed bookstore… I was full of regret, and longing. Thursday afternoon, I get this image from a friend:

Image Text from a friend with the Amusable Rainbow waiting for me

Thar he lay, a little smile of hope stitched across his face. Friday, I told myself. Friday.

So I wait.

I think about him all night and all morning.

Friday afternoon, March 3rd. I have an exam from 2:30-4:30… The SFU Bookstore closes at 4:30.

I think about him before the exam and during the exam. So the moment I finish early, I grab my friends by their socks and drag them with me to see if he still awaits.

Out of breath, distressed and distraught, I stagger into the bookstore 30 minutes before closing, and there he was. Waiting.

It was only a matter of minutes before he was not only in my arms, but in a bag with a proud receipt tucked inside.

Me and the girlies adopting the rainbow

I was no longer hollow with regret, but rather full with love. An evening with the girlies followed suit, resulting in a day of treats; Rainbow, ramen, bubble tea, movie night. I couldn’t ask for a better day in my entire life.
The Rainbow now sits at home on my bed, happier than ever, snug as a Jellybug in a rug.

Amusable Rainbow making good friends with Jimmy

Yet another successful Jelly adventure, with a new friend and another dent in my bank account – the latter being of less importance. Minor details! I have a Rainbow now! That’s all that matters!

(The Rainbow is also currently unnamed. Beebee, Jimmy, Patrick and… ???)

Feel free to give him a big wave hello, he is very friendly!

Journey to the Jellystore

Shopping for Jellycats, when a good friend and a credit card is all you really need.


This might have been the best day of my entire life.

A few months ago, my friend and I discovered that the Indigo bookstore on Robson Street has a voluptuous supply of Jellycat plushies in stock. Given that the store is downtown, we decided that when we had some time, we would make a day out of it and treat ourselves to some Jellycats. But, as life as a students tends to go, we struggled to find that time and we were forced to put the Journey to the Jellystore on hold for a little while. And so reading break turns the corner, and before you could say Beebee the following conversation took place:

“I need me a reading break I’ve been losing my mind these past few weeks”
“Simon Fraser is really wearing thin on me”
“yeah no same here”
“i can’t wait i just want to sleep all week”
“jelly store???????????”
“during reading week!!?!??? please!!!!???
“Could that be Wednesday???”
“That’s definitely in the cards”
“👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 “

Despite the question “jelly store??????????? during reading week!!?!??? please!!!!???”, it really wasn’t much of a question at all and he did not have a choice in the matter. We were GOING shopping for Jellycats, whether he liked it or not. And so…

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023. In the middle of a peaceful break from school, an adventure downtown with a friend to go Jellycat shopping. Does it get any better than this?

I don’t think so.

I spent my morning at the gym and the library, getting my lift and my studies out of the way before my day really began. 1:00pm rolls around and my friend picks me up from the library and drives us to Commercial, where we hop on the Skytrain and commence the Journey. Despite the biting winds and chilly temperature, I’ve never felt more warm and fuzzy, and bursting with excitement! After a short walk from the station to the bookstore, we climbed a set of stairs to the upper floor where we were presented with Everything A Girl Could Possibly Hope For.

A Jellycat Display.

The Jellystore!

Yes. Jellycats are advertised as toys for infants, suggested by the poster of the literal baby and the racks of baby clothes. But that wasn’t going to stop me! When travelling downtown, the biggest gamble was whether or not the store would have the sandwich. My friend and I have discussed his profound desire for the sandwich ever since the day he laid eyes on it on the website. And so walking up to the display table where a row of sandwiches lay before him was probably the greatest moment of his life. Though I can’t say for sure.

I decided to browse a little bit, as I had no specific Jellycat in mind to purchase, aside from Edward Bear which I knew they didn’t have in stock. After battling with what Jelly to buy for far too long, I narrowed it down to the following:

Amusable Popcorn, Bashful Giraffe, and Bashful Turtle

Amusable popcorn, Bashful Giraffe and Bashful Turtle just sittin around!

Popcorn because he’s awesome, giraffe because it was impossibly soft, and turtle because… just look at that face <3

It was quite a struggle. I stood there for ages going back and forth between the ones I wanted. I paced around a while, looking around a little more to make sure I hadn’t missed any Jellies, and it was then that I had a good proper look at the Amusable Toast. Quite large, soft, and priced at an ABSOLUTE steal. I couldn’t possibly turn it down! But I still wanted one of my three prior options…

After what felt like an endless battle, I left a proud owner of an Amusable Toast and Amusable Popcorn.

Jellycat groceries!

It’s like I went grocery shopping. Very VERY expensive groceries.

We are NOT going to talk about how much it costed me to buy that toast and popcorn.

So don’t ask.

But it was worth it.

And after I tossed the little receipt in the bag, it was out of sight out of mind!

Money spent, sure. But not money wasted.

I didn’t think the day could possibly get better, until we decided to grab some soup for lunch and I indulged in some of the best soup and buttered baguette I’ve ever had. Nothing like hot soup on a cold day! With a bag of Jelly babies! It truly can’t get better than this!

Or can it…

The Jellycat Journey STILL wasn’t over. We got back to the car and made our way home with a little pit-stop on the way.

The Amusable Sandwich takes the wheel!

We had to hit the bedding store and as my friend shopped around for a new duvet cover, I was presented with YET ANOTHER Jellycat display in the store!!! What a pleasant and unexpected surprise! I was in such a state of shock that I forgot to snap a photo, but there were many lovely Jellies, including but not limited to the Bashful Monkey, Fuddlewuddle Lamb, Ricky Rain Frog, Riverside Rambler Fox and Riverside Rambler Mole! I desperately wanted one of those Riverside Ramblers but alas… my Jellycat dollars were already well spent.

As the most perfect day in history came to a close, I returned home to my warm cozy bed, where I had the pleasure of giving the toast and popcorn a true home. I sent pictures of my beloved new Jellies to just about everyone I know, and over multiple conversations, graced them with the names Jimmy (toast) and Patrick (popcorn). My prized possessions and darling treasures.

Jimmy and Patrick, best of friends!

Upon some deep reflection, I think the Journey to the Jellystore is one big, beautiful metaphor for friendship. Only a real one would travel with you in the freezing cold out to the dreadful streets of downtown Vancouver. Only a real one would put up with your childlike whining and indecisiveness over stuffed plushie foods. Only a real one would share the pain of dropping a hot dollar on a Jellycat with you.
And so sure. Maybe Jimmy and Patrick were a hit to my bank account. Maybe I spent a lot of money on these little treasures. Maybe it was a long and cold journey for what to most, seems like a small reward. But maybe it was never about the money. Maybe it was never even about the stuffies!

Maybe the real treasure was the friends we made along the way.

Memorable and Outstanding Jellycats!

Do you need a subheading? The title seems self-explanatory.

Let me preface by saying how incredibly excited I am to finally be working on and uploading this post. Over many years of longingly browsing the Jellycat website, dreaming of the day I could call one my own (shoutout Beebee, you’re my world babygirl), I spent a lot of time discovering unique Jellycats and documenting some particular absurd and/or charming characters. Therefore, as one does, I compiled a list of the most Memorable and Outstanding Jellycats! There is absolutely zero rhyme or reason to this post, aside from my endless yearning for more Jellycats, and feeling the need to gush about them and share my favourites. Maybe this post will help convince me to ignore the financial trouble of indulging in more plushies and finally purchase some Jelly friends. And perhaps convince you too!

(You know you want one…)

Let’s get started!

Edward Bear

Edward Bear, just chillin.

Edward Bear has been at the top of my Jellycat wishlist since the very beginning. A standard looking bear, with lovely coffee colours and a simple design. He is incredibly handsome and was the very first Jellycat who ever caught my eye, and I won’t rest until I have him. Just look at that bear face! He’s the perfect little fella!

Wee Bear

Wee Bear, arms outstretched for cuddles

Just a wee one!

Vivacious Vegetable Leek

the Vivacious Vegetable Leek lurkin’

So vivacious! Look at this lil dude. Look at the attention to detail. Look at the bright colours. Look at how incredibly impractical for cuddling this leek is. A need.

Sensational Seafood Shrimp

Sensational Seafood Shrimp being sensational

You’re surely starting to notice the impact that the Food and Drink line has on me. Look at this shrimp! Just so ridiculous and fun and silly! Why on earth would I ever need a tiny shrimp plushie? Who cares! Simply sensational!

Amusable Popcorn and Slice of Pizza

Amusable Popcorn, sitting politely!
Amusable Pizza Slice, simply lazing about!

A perfect movie night combo. That has got to be the softest looking popcorn I have ever seen in my life, and the way the pizza slice lays flat in blissful defeat is so real. This pizza has accepted its fate, whatever it may be. Like… yeah me too, Amusable Pizza Slice. Me f**king too.

Amusable Sandwich

Amusable Sandwich, ready for a picnic!

I swear I’m done with the foods now. But I had to close with the sandwich. I feel like out of all possible Memorable and Outstanding Jellycats, the sandwich is the most self-explanatory. Filled with crisp folded lettuce and bright round tomatoes, topped with a couple slices of cheddar cheese all pressed between the softest bread imaginable. The attention to detail is impeccable, appears incredibly soft and cuddly, and best of all… Vegetarian friendly!

Amusable Pinecone

Amusable Pinecone, ready to roll!

Fitted to the nines in the freshest corduroy boots you’ve ever seen in your life, the Amusable Pinecone is sure to exceed your expectations. Bouncy and soft, how can you possibly hide a smile when you see this fella rolling about? You can’t. Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Smart Stationary Ruler

Smart Stationary Ruler smiling smartly!

I want to know how Jellycat comes up with some of this stuff.

Silver Blossom Bunny


SHOUTOUT BEEBEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lallagie Dragon

Lallagie Dragon just lulling about.

I love how the Lallagie Dragon is slumped over. Harmless! He’s just a lil guy! Don’t let the spikes and horns fool you, Lallagie Dragon is as cuddly as they come, and needs snuggles as much as any other Jelly.

Love Me Lobster and a Pair of Lovely Lovebirds

Love Me Lobster livin’ life
Pair of Lovely Lovebirds lovin’ each other

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Gentle heart shaped claws and bright, vibrant colours are truly the standouts on these Jellies. You know what they say! “The way to a jellylift admin’s heart is through Valentine’s themed Jellies specifically the Pair of Lovely Lovebirds because it would just be the cutest thing in the world to have matching lovebirds like just imagine gifting your significant other a lovely lovebird and watching their face light up because you know how much they love Jellycat.”
Yup. That’s what they say.

Riverside Rambler Frog

Riverside Rambler Frog about to ramble some rivers.

Yeah, this guy TOTALLY steals bikes.

Woody Bear Lying

Woody Bear Lying, literally just relaxing.

Woody Bear Lying packs quite a punch… to your wallet that is. Oh well! Priced at $110 USD, I haven’t a doubt it my mind that this 26″ long fuzzy wuzzy would offer some of the best snuggles you’ll ever find.

While I could truly go on forever about all the incredible Jellycats out there, I think we oughta wrap it up here with these winners. The cream of the crop! A cream which needs to be entirely in my possession. As soon as possible.

I need more Jellycats.

Before I get violent.