It’s All Downhill From Here

Follow along as I continue to fuel my spiraling Jellycat addiction with the purchase of a new Amusable.

Did you know that there’s a f**king Jellycat section on campus in the SFU bookstore? You did, didn’t you? And to think you didn’t tell me… it’s impossible to find loyalty anywhere these days.

Somebody please take the Jellycats away from me before I go bankrupt (please, do not at any costs, take the Jellycats away from me). Last Wednesday, March 1st, I stumbled my way into the SFU Bookstore with a friend, to discover an entire stand of Jellycat plushies, including the Amusable Orange, Fabulous Fruit Plum, and Pongo Orangutan. And one little fella who stole my heart: the Amusable Rainbow.

Everyone, meet the Amusable Rainbow (unnamed).

Me n my Rainbow

Wednesday afternoon, during a trip to the Jellystore (SFU edition), I had to make the second hardest decision of my life. After having just bought two new Jellies, the idea of dropping money on yet another didn’t seem rational or realistic. I will have years and years to buy Jellies, I don’t need to buy yet another after I just purchased two. It was such a tough choice. He was $5 cheaper in the store than online or at any other toy store, and easily the best priced Jellycat there. But it’s like they say, if you love something… let it go.

And so I did just that. After wandering the SFU Jellystore holding the Rainbow for almost 30 minutes, I finally put it back on the shelf, and decided that if it’s meant to be… it’ll be. It’s the only one left, and if this poor orphaned thing is meant to be mine, he will be.

I left it for Friday. I decided if it’s there on Friday, I’ll buy it.

So I left. In a testament of my character, I left the Rainbow alone at the Jellystore, to the quiet and lonely nights of a closed bookstore… I was full of regret, and longing. Thursday afternoon, I get this image from a friend:

Image Text from a friend with the Amusable Rainbow waiting for me

Thar he lay, a little smile of hope stitched across his face. Friday, I told myself. Friday.

So I wait.

I think about him all night and all morning.

Friday afternoon, March 3rd. I have an exam from 2:30-4:30… The SFU Bookstore closes at 4:30.

I think about him before the exam and during the exam. So the moment I finish early, I grab my friends by their socks and drag them with me to see if he still awaits.

Out of breath, distressed and distraught, I stagger into the bookstore 30 minutes before closing, and there he was. Waiting.

It was only a matter of minutes before he was not only in my arms, but in a bag with a proud receipt tucked inside.

Me and the girlies adopting the rainbow

I was no longer hollow with regret, but rather full with love. An evening with the girlies followed suit, resulting in a day of treats; Rainbow, ramen, bubble tea, movie night. I couldn’t ask for a better day in my entire life.
The Rainbow now sits at home on my bed, happier than ever, snug as a Jellybug in a rug.

Amusable Rainbow making good friends with Jimmy

Yet another successful Jelly adventure, with a new friend and another dent in my bank account – the latter being of less importance. Minor details! I have a Rainbow now! That’s all that matters!

(The Rainbow is also currently unnamed. Beebee, Jimmy, Patrick and… ???)

Feel free to give him a big wave hello, he is very friendly!

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