You’re about to get your serotonin boost for the week. You’re welcome.

My Jellies with 2 special guests!

Hollllllllllllllllllld your horses. I know this is an incredibly exciting sight to see. So many jellies in the same place at once. I could practically open my own Jellystore!

While I must sadly admit that they are not all my own, I am proud and beyond ecstatic to have hosted a small Jellycat function with 2 amusable guests! The friend I adventured downtown with recently splurged on an Amusable Burger as they were in stock at the SFU Jellystore, so I had him over with both the sandwich and new burger buddy to have all the Jellies in the same place at the same time.

Look at them all lined up on the bedframe, smiling blankly without a care in the world! There isn’t a single thought behind any of those eyes. Beebee takes center stage, of course.

There is truly no point to this post other than ohmygodlookatallthejellies.

I’m starting to feel like a real Jellycat influencer <3

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