Memorable and Outstanding Jellycats!

Do you need a subheading? The title seems self-explanatory.

Let me preface by saying how incredibly excited I am to finally be working on and uploading this post. Over many years of longingly browsing the Jellycat website, dreaming of the day I could call one my own (shoutout Beebee, you’re my world babygirl), I spent a lot of time discovering unique Jellycats and documenting some particular absurd and/or charming characters. Therefore, as one does, I compiled a list of the most Memorable and Outstanding Jellycats! There is absolutely zero rhyme or reason to this post, aside from my endless yearning for more Jellycats, and feeling the need to gush about them and share my favourites. Maybe this post will help convince me to ignore the financial trouble of indulging in more plushies and finally purchase some Jelly friends. And perhaps convince you too!

(You know you want one…)

Let’s get started!

Edward Bear

Edward Bear, just chillin.

Edward Bear has been at the top of my Jellycat wishlist since the very beginning. A standard looking bear, with lovely coffee colours and a simple design. He is incredibly handsome and was the very first Jellycat who ever caught my eye, and I won’t rest until I have him. Just look at that bear face! He’s the perfect little fella!

Wee Bear

Wee Bear, arms outstretched for cuddles

Just a wee one!

Vivacious Vegetable Leek

the Vivacious Vegetable Leek lurkin’

So vivacious! Look at this lil dude. Look at the attention to detail. Look at the bright colours. Look at how incredibly impractical for cuddling this leek is. A need.

Sensational Seafood Shrimp

Sensational Seafood Shrimp being sensational

You’re surely starting to notice the impact that the Food and Drink line has on me. Look at this shrimp! Just so ridiculous and fun and silly! Why on earth would I ever need a tiny shrimp plushie? Who cares! Simply sensational!

Amusable Popcorn and Slice of Pizza

Amusable Popcorn, sitting politely!
Amusable Pizza Slice, simply lazing about!

A perfect movie night combo. That has got to be the softest looking popcorn I have ever seen in my life, and the way the pizza slice lays flat in blissful defeat is so real. This pizza has accepted its fate, whatever it may be. Like… yeah me too, Amusable Pizza Slice. Me f**king too.

Amusable Sandwich

Amusable Sandwich, ready for a picnic!

I swear I’m done with the foods now. But I had to close with the sandwich. I feel like out of all possible Memorable and Outstanding Jellycats, the sandwich is the most self-explanatory. Filled with crisp folded lettuce and bright round tomatoes, topped with a couple slices of cheddar cheese all pressed between the softest bread imaginable. The attention to detail is impeccable, appears incredibly soft and cuddly, and best of all… Vegetarian friendly!

Amusable Pinecone

Amusable Pinecone, ready to roll!

Fitted to the nines in the freshest corduroy boots you’ve ever seen in your life, the Amusable Pinecone is sure to exceed your expectations. Bouncy and soft, how can you possibly hide a smile when you see this fella rolling about? You can’t. Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Smart Stationary Ruler

Smart Stationary Ruler smiling smartly!

I want to know how Jellycat comes up with some of this stuff.

Silver Blossom Bunny


SHOUTOUT BEEBEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lallagie Dragon

Lallagie Dragon just lulling about.

I love how the Lallagie Dragon is slumped over. Harmless! He’s just a lil guy! Don’t let the spikes and horns fool you, Lallagie Dragon is as cuddly as they come, and needs snuggles as much as any other Jelly.

Love Me Lobster and a Pair of Lovely Lovebirds

Love Me Lobster livin’ life
Pair of Lovely Lovebirds lovin’ each other

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Gentle heart shaped claws and bright, vibrant colours are truly the standouts on these Jellies. You know what they say! “The way to a jellylift admin’s heart is through Valentine’s themed Jellies specifically the Pair of Lovely Lovebirds because it would just be the cutest thing in the world to have matching lovebirds like just imagine gifting your significant other a lovely lovebird and watching their face light up because you know how much they love Jellycat.”
Yup. That’s what they say.

Riverside Rambler Frog

Riverside Rambler Frog about to ramble some rivers.

Yeah, this guy TOTALLY steals bikes.

Woody Bear Lying

Woody Bear Lying, literally just relaxing.

Woody Bear Lying packs quite a punch… to your wallet that is. Oh well! Priced at $110 USD, I haven’t a doubt it my mind that this 26″ long fuzzy wuzzy would offer some of the best snuggles you’ll ever find.

While I could truly go on forever about all the incredible Jellycats out there, I think we oughta wrap it up here with these winners. The cream of the crop! A cream which needs to be entirely in my possession. As soon as possible.

I need more Jellycats.

Before I get violent.

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