Oh My God, She’s Mine.

my very first Jellycat

Okay, okay… I may have talked the talk a little bit with the Jellycats. I’ll admit that I have never actually owned a Jellycat, nor were they a part of my childhood. I have dozens of stuffed animals, which admittedly are each a defining part of my character, but if we really want to address the elephant in the room…

Then yeah. I’ve never actually owned a Jellycat… until now!

Everyone, meet Beebee.

Beebee in the loving arms of her new owner; Beebee in the new crib

She was given to me as a gift from a friend on Friday, January 20th, 2023. This friend is ironically the first person to have ever introduced me to Jellycat, so I find it incredibly fitting that my first Jellycat should be a gift from her. That being said, Beebee and her previous owner have some history, as Beebee is not a brand new Jellycat. She was originally a gift to my friend from her ex-girlfriend. Her and her girlfriend often used to spend unreasonable amounts of time browsing the Jellycat website, pointing out the silliest Jellycats, cutest Jellycats, softest-looking Jellycats, their favourite Jellycats, their dream Jellycats… until one day, her girlfriend finally purchased one as a birthday gift. It was an exciting moment for the both of them as well as for Beebee (who I’m sure was ecstatic to have a home.) Despite the excitement of a new Jellycat, the relationship slowly turned sour, and to my friend, Beebee was only a bitter reminder of what used to be. The relationship came to a messy end, and Beebee began collecting dust. The poor bashful baby sat for months in a closet, with no cozy bed to sit on and no snuggles to give; truly a modern day tragedy. The guilt ate at my friend, as she really did love her Jellycat… but Beebee simply brought up too many bad memories for my friend to keep her around.

And that’s where I enter Beebee’s story. My friend off-handedly mentioned giving her away, and one thing led to another, and the donation was made to yours truly. Just this past Friday, the adoption process was finalized, Beebee was beaming, I was elated, and after weeks of waiting and years of yearning a Jellycat now sits sweetly and patiently on my bed and she… she’s… Oh my god. She’s mine.

Beebee is a size large Blossom Bunny in the colour Silver, and is an absolute gem. The Blossom collection is identical to the Bashful collection, but the bunnies have a lovely floral print on the ears and feet. The Bashful collection is a fairly popular one, with endless colours and variations of Bashful Bunnies, Bashful Foxes, Bashful Turtles, and more. Beebee is not only my first Bashful/Blossom Bunny, but my very first Jellycat. And I will love her dearly and endlessly. Given that it is the Year of the Bunny, I’m inclined to believe that mine and Beebee’s meeting this year was destiny.

Oh! And what has this got to do with weightlifting, you ask?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
And that is the point.

Please give Beebee a virtual snuggle, she’s blog-shy.

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