Thank You Amore Cat Black Lady, Very Cool!

I can’t BELIEVE I let myself be fooled like this, I knew a $25 Amore Cat Black would be too good to be true.

We planned to meet on April 26th at 11:00am, at a local coffee shop that was halfway between my place and hers. I set up to meet for after finals, and so it was the only thing keeping me going until the end of the exam session. I was so excited, and showed about 10 minutes early, at 10:50. I stood outside the coffee shop for about 15 minutes, and then proceeded to text her. It went a little like this:

She flaked. She no-showed. She bailed. She left me high ‘n’ dry. She left me hanging. However you want to put it, Amore Cat Black Lady was NOWHERE to be seen or heard from on the morning of Wednesday April 26th, 2023. My heart was shattered into a million pieces. I kept my friends updated, as they provided me with support and comfort in my time of crisis.

As mentioned, I honestly thought it was the worst day of my entire life. I wasted my time and my energy, and the damn lady couldn’t even shoot me a “Hey something came up” text. I couldn’t believe that her Amore Cat Black was living in such a neglectful and ignorant home, and the thought of it only made me even more heated. I begrudgingly left the meeting spot to go link with my friend for lunch, completely shattered by this unfortunate turn of events.

But thank god I left, because not only did she not answer me, but she didn’t even open my message for the entire day. I checked a couple days later, and she still hadn’t opened it. Despite this, I was a little bit worried. Since she wasn’t answering me, I hoped she was okay and hadn’t like died or something. BUT! Yet another day goes by, and she has opened the message, but hasn’t said anything. No explanation, no f**king apology, NOTHING. Then on Monday, May 1st, I get this preposterous f**king message from her.

Let me know WHAT exactly??? That it’s too late??? It has literally been 6 days??????? Girl are you OKAY?????? Shawty, what????????? I really just don’t get people like this. Like mf YOU are the one who wants to sell yo Jellycat tf??

I couldn’t help but laugh. I wasn’t even mad, honestly. It was just funny. It was just hilarious.

Naturally, I didn’t respond. Still haven’t responded (it is now May 3rd). No ill will towards Amore Cat Black Lady, but I sure hope she understands how she wasted my time.

And how she broke my heart.

Until the day took a turn for the better…