The Nightmare Line…

You’re here because you were reading my Beach Day With Beebee post and wanted to know what the f**k the Nightmare Line crochet project is… right?

Well let me fill you in.

The Nightmare Line is this ridiculously, absurdly, stupidly, infuriatingly LONG chain stitched crochet line that I made when I was 13 and had first learned to crochet. At the time, I had never learned how to do a stitch other than a chain stitch, making it impossible for me to create anything other than… well, a chain.

One summer when my family took a roadtrip to Calgary, I decided I wanted to crochet something. I started by making a reasonably sized line, and then realized I had no idea to how to actually make something of it. But I still wanted to crochet. So I just continued to extend that line… for the whole roadtrip… for 12 F**KING HOURS.
You can imagine how ridiculously long that line got.

I decided that one day I would just make it into a HUGE blanket, whenever I learned how to actually crochet. But, because the line is so goddamn long, it was a very daunting task that I never got around to.

Until today.

And boy was it a pain. I went at it for almost 2 straight hours and didn’t even get a quarter of the way through the line. I’m probably going to be making this stupid blanket until I’m old and withering.

The worst part of it all is that I chose to use BRIGHT NEON ORANGE THREAD. So it’s not even like when I’m done I’ll have this nice pretty blanket to have in my home or whatever. It’s f**king BRIGHT ORANGE.

It’s nauseating. It’s noisome.


A Nightmare.