Un-Welcome To My Blog!

This is literally just a list of reasons why I refuse to use the phrase “welcome to my blog” on jellylift

  • It’s cringe
  • If I were to use it, it would have to be ironically, and I don’t have the mental energy to figure out how to do that in a way that is very clearly expressed and understood by not just my target audience, but by anyone visiting my site for the first time. And also, if I used it, they would end up finding this secret page and think “wait, but she did use “welcome to my blog!” on her blog.” Because they wouldn’t get it, and then that would defeat the point of using it, and also defeat the point of not using it.
  • It’s the most generic and ordinary thing to have on your blog
  • It is not exciting or inviting in any way.
    At least not to the kinds of people that I want hanging around on my blog. If “welcome to my blog!” makes you feel excited and invited in, then kindly leave jellylift and find a blog that welcomes you to it. Not that you aren’t welcome at jellylift, you are more than welcome! But I am just not going to personally welcome you here. Except for the fact that I just did. F**king he**. Are you starting to understand yet the complications of using “welcome to my blog”????
  • It seems like a joke.
    Like, who are you welcoming to your blog? Saying “welcome to my blog” implicates some sort of response that follows, but it’s a goddamn blog. No one is saying “thank you!”
  • It’s cringe
  • It simply doesn’t match the style or aesthetic I am hoping to achieve
  • It was what WordPress suggested. F**k you, WordPress.
  • It gives off “Hey everyone! Welcome back to my YouTube Channel!” energy. Which is just so 2016.
  • It’s cringe