this is the part where you figure out what on earth jellylift even is.

first, take a moment to browse and familiarize yourself with Jellycat. don’t be scared, go ahead! click the link! once you’ve had a looksee, feel free to read on…

go on now…

i’ll give you a minute.

…I know you haven’t done it yet.

here it is again in case you got lost: Jellycat Website

there we go! was that so hard?

Physique update progress photo
Jellies in a line!

here, at jellylift, you’ll be bombarded with heavy weights and dumbbells and pumping iron and training to failure and rock hard muscles and music that’s ultimately just noise and machines and sweat…

and stuffies <3

expect to follow pieces of my fitness journey as I document my weightlifting progress, share my knowledge, upload exercise routines and lifting music and overall anything and everything lifting!

…as well as the intricate, complex and meaningful lives of the various stuffed animals you’ll encounter on this blog. because when i’m not sweating my a** off and throwing weights around, I love holding onto little pieces of my childhood, as silly as they are. because who are we if not simply the older and wiser versions of our 5 year-old selves, working hard to make them proud and keep that childlike wonder alive?

5-year-old me would see 19-year-old me with a blog about weightlifting and think… what the he** is this?

then she’d find the parts about the stuffed animals that stayed with her all those years, and she just might smile a little.

ok but like… who even are you?

just a silly little girl with some silly little passions.

don’t worry about the specifics too much.