Be My Jellycat Wife <3

Melissa Wong, would you do me the honour of being my Jellycat wife and marry me?

Beebee with the engagement ring
Beebee proposing

Each day will be like living a dream. A night owl and an early bird, we go perfectly hand in hand. My early morning lifts as you sleep in from your late-night endeavours. Taylor Swift and 100 gecs blasting on the speakers. Romance novels dispersed throughout the living room and protein powder covering the kitchen table. 11:00am breakfast with Amusable Espresso and Amusable Toasts and Smiling Boiled Eggs. A bedspread covered in Bashfuls and Amusables, and Silly Succulents scattered in each room of the house. Weekly trips to a new Jellystore, missing rent payments from spending money on Jellycats, each chair at our wedding filled only by our Jellies. Best of all, we would share not just our lives with each other, and not just our Jellycats, but we would share…

A Pair of Lovely Lovebirds.

They will be our ring-bearers, and will join us on our honeymoon, and will remain by our side for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

Can you imagine anything more perfect?