Marry Me, Melissa <3

Melissa’s peer review for jellylift

melatonin gone missing: peer review #3

Everybody go read Melissa’s peer review for my site right f**king now.

She GETS it, you guys.

She GETS it.

Since day one I’ve been saying that at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a Jellycat wife. I NEED a Jellycat wife. Shawty gotta be my ride or die, my Lovely Lovebird other half, my one and only Jellycat-adoring soulmate.

So this is therefore a formal proposal to Melissa.

Melissa, would you do me the honour of being my Jellycat wife… and marry me?

April 4th Edit: (holy shit you guys check the comments she said yes)


  1. antalya. easiest yes of my life. I mean, Beebee with the ring? come ON. the life you described together in our little amusable apartment is everything I want and everything I’ll ever need, in every lifetime. so… wedding when and where???

    your lovely lovebird,


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