NOISE IN YOUR F**KING EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay okay. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking…
This is way more of a Jellycat blog than it is a lifting blog. I haven’t seen ONE picture or video of you weightlifting. I thought you said we were going to follow your weightlifting journey? YOU SAID you would stop gatekeeping!?

To which I say,

Lol my bad.

Listen, I’m not trying to be that a**hole in the gym with their phone and little thirty dollar Amazon tripod set up right in front of the mirrors where the rest of the community is simply trying to workout but are forced to deal with This B*tch filming videos of her incredibly mid physique and underwhelming lifts. I also lift at a pretty small gym, and whenever I decide to take videos to check my form, it’s usually from the most god awful angles to avoid catching any strangers in the frame. Maybe one day you’ll get actual footage of a jellyLIFT. But today is not that day.

Instead, I offer you my top 3 albums and top 5 songs to listen to to MOVE THE F**KING WEIGHT!

(heads up, most of it is objectively terrible and practically just noise)


Album #1: 1000 gecs by 100 gecs

1000 gecs album art

If you have heard of or listened to 100 gecs before, you know exactly what to expect. This album sucks. My favourite tracks are ‘money machine‘ ‘xXXi_wud_nvrstøp_ÜXXx‘ and ‘800db cloud‘. I couldn’t give you one good reason why these ones are my favourites aside from the fact that they just are. If you really feel like jumping into it, check out the Injury Reserve remix of ‘745 sticky’, it’s sure to alter your brain chemistry.
100 gecs is a joke of a musical duo, yet they produce easily some of the most catchy, chaotic and stimulating music you can find. Honestly, it’s hardly music. But boy oh boy, minute 1:22 in ‘800db cloud’ definitely gets that weight moving like nothing else.

Album #2: The Money Store by Death Grips

The Money Store album art

I feel like this one can’t even be justified. The friend who first showed me Death Grips told me, “Listen to ‘I’ve Seen Footage‘, it’s probably one of their most digestible songs.” I thought to myself “what is this clown on about” until I gave it – and then the whole album – a listen and went “Oh, that’s what this clown is on about.” Fantastic album. I couldn’t tell you a single word that is sung throughout the entire thing. Makes me feel f**king psychotic. I can’t listen to it while I drive or else you’ll find freak car accidents all across the tri-cities. Top 3 tracks are ‘Hacker’, ‘Hustle Bones‘ and ‘Get Got‘ in that order. Give it a listen!

Album #3: Inside (Deluxe) by Mother Mother

Inside album art

Ok, now THIS. This is an exceptional album. It’s a concept album, and probably my favourite thing Mother Mother has ever produced. A handful of the tracks make use of ambient soundscapes either as the focal point or as a background feature of the song, which makes listening to this album a really immersive experience. Listening to some of these songs while you lift makes you feel like a demon. Top three tracks are ‘Two‘, ‘Sick of the Silence‘ and ‘Hayloft II’. Makes for a good listen outside of the gym too, as some of the songs are slower and a better listening experience in a dark room with headphones on.


Song #1: Totalitarianism by STAYSOLD

Totalitarianism cover art

You can hardly call this a song.

Song #2: BADASS by ZillaKami and Lil Uzi Vert

BADASS cover art

I’ve hit countless PRs to this track. I always bench heavy with this sh*t blasting in my ears, that’s for sure.

Song #3: Side by Side by Bladee and Thaiboy Digital

Side by Side cover art

Me and my baby goin’ side by side, side side by side, side side by siddde

Song #4: MISA MISA! by CORPSE, Scarlxrd, and Kordhell

MISA MISA! cover art

Yes, yes I know it’s CORPSE, but cut me some slack because this goes so hard.

Song #5: poster by oaf1

poster cover art

I have no idea where or how I even found this song, but I’m pretty sure I listened to it every time I did lat-raises for like 2 months straight. It sort of feels like a fever dream.

Honestly, my list of lifting music recommendations is bottomless. I have three playlists I listen to while I lift, and handfuls of albums. Maybe I’ll link my Spotify here one day…

Nope. Just kidding. Never happening. My Spotify is going to be kept inside my gate.

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