Quick little TA appreciation post <3

I’ll make this short and sweet!


Truly, what else needs to be said? Micky you were such a fantastic TA this semester, and even if you have no clue who I am because I barely speak and interact with anyone in this course I just want you to know how much I appreciate you <3

You’re such a funny girly pop and you always say something to make me giggle in lectures and tutorials. I think you’re super cool and always loved how engaged you were with the course content. You are very approachable and if it weren’t for my superiority complex inhibiting me from swallowing my pride and asking for help, I definitely would be asking lots of questions and coming to you for web assistance. But just know that you create a very fun and comfortable environment for us students! But…

I’ll be transparent, there’s a deeper reason for this shoutout post.

I simply have to say thank you for bringing me to my wife, Melissa.

my beautiful Jellycat wife

It was through our Peer Review pairing that you brought us, 2 Jellycat-loving fools, together. For years, I’ve yearned for a Jellycat wife and thanks to you, I can finally call her Mine <3

Keep your eyes peeled for not just a wedding invite, but a Maid of Honour request 😉

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